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I have absolutely loved sitting under my awning since it was installed and have showed it off to my daughter and a few jealous friends. They are all most impressed. I will have no hesitation in recommending Issey to others who may require a similar structure as I can’t speak highly enough about both the product and the service I have received. I am absolutely delighted with the awning and am most impressed by your staff as well.

Thanks so much.

Helen Carter, WA

Issey is a leader in designing, manufacturing and installing superior quality outdoor shade solutions. All our outdoor blinds and awnings are resistant to harsh weather conditions and suit a variety of roofing systems and home styles.

Our products are manufactured specifically to control extensive sun exposure and brightness, and to protect your windows, doors and outdoor areas from sun, wind and rain damage. We use high-quality materials and advanced technology to reduce heat build-up, block out wind and rain and reduce the glare.

Depending on how and where you install our products, you can enjoy an additional living space and experience increased comfort all year round. Besides the day-to-day benefits, our products will save you money as you become less dependent on expensive and environmentally unfriendly air conditioners.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, all of which are designed to ensure longevity. To guarantee this, all shade solutions are backed up by a comprehensive warranty and can be supported with an ongoing maintenance schedule, if required.

Whether you require blinds or shades for commercial or residential applications, you are assured of an excellent product and a professional installation. We specialise in a variety of shade solutions that cater to many different requirements.

Retractable Awnings

Perfect to shade you from the blazing summer heat, retractable awnings can be used only when required. Using a simple, twisting handle mechanism, your awning can be deployed over a large or small area. Designed to extend over your outdoor living space, a retractable awning means you can entertain guests, enjoy a meal or simply relax as a family without being subjected to the elements.

Outdoor Blinds

From vertical to horizontal blinds or even custom-made blinds, we can design and manufacture the ideal outdoor shade solution for your home or business. Available in a variety of colours and styles, you are guaranteed to find a product that suits the architectural style of your property and your functional requirements.

Sunroom Shades

The main attraction of a sunroom is the immense amount of sunlight that comes into it, however, when the light becomes too bright and the heat become unbearable, it is beneficial to have sunroom shades. These systems are retractable, which means you have the flexibility to use it only when required.

Retractable Roofs

All weather blinds can be used anytime of the year. In a case where we sometimes experience four seasons in a day, you don’t have to worry about retracting these blinds because they can withstand extreme weather conditions. Waterproof roofs are perfect for outdoor restaurants or outdoor entertainment areas – you and your furniture will be protected against heavy rain and harsh sun.

Privacy Screens

Concerned about nosy neighbours? Privacy screens are the perfect way to keep the world out, but you still get to enjoy the view. Block-out blinds don’t disconnect you from the outside world, it just keeps unwanted eyes out while protecting you from the sun’s glare.

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